Growing older? How about older and growing?


Dr. Julian Edge

What should we do when life makes too many demands on us?

When we doubt ourselves. When we become anxious. When we feel confused or lost, isolated or lonely. When our relationships  bring us more pain than comfort. When depression sets in and we see no point to anything, or any good way forward.

Should we try to change what’s going on in the world? Or should we work on changing ourselves? Or some of both?


from my window

The purpose of my counselling is to meet you in that doubtful place and help you move to a better one. Some kind of psychological shift, or transition, is called for. There may be issues from your past to consider. There may be present circumstances that trouble you. You may not be clear about where you want your life to be heading. Only you know and feel the details.



Together, we can create a respectful, confidential space that is all about now. In this here-and-now, you can be as open and honest as you wish. I will help you see and hear yourself, your thoughts and your feelings, more clearly than you have before. Together, we will explore and you will make discoveries. Those discoveries will be the basis for the way forward that you will create. Towards a better place.

Not that there’s any perfect destination, of course. Life really does just keep coming at you. My satisfaction comes from hearing clients say that they feel more able to handle things by themselves, whether as an individual or as a couple.

Please take a look through this website. If you think I might be able to help, or if you have any questions, do get in touch.

All best wishes,